Ironworks Gang 2: What makes a healthy small group?

??Jode Poley?? (“Existential Stillborn”: and ??Darin Pesnell?? (“Peznet”: join me for a discussion about what makes a successful small group ministry (Ironworks 1.0 was our college small group back in the day). Big ups to Vessel for use of the intro.

*Ironworks Gang Drinking Game*: Do a shot for every time we use the phrase “There’s a sense where…”

We’re still playing with the format. The next podcast will likely include more awkward silences. And I won’t talk, I’ll just tell horrible jokes. And laugh at them. The whole time.

Podcast Beta

Okay, it might not be called Ironworks Gang when it’s done (even if it would be a nice nod to Steve Gillmor), but here it is, the inaugural podcast. In this week’s episode I was joined by ??Tom Wilkinson??, the soon-to-be-famous movie writer/director, and ??Darin Pesnell??, soon-to-be-famous pastor. The model is this: get a bunch of smart people that I like to talk to on a “free conference call”:, gab about stuff that’s interesting to us for an hour, and call it a podcast. Here’s this week’s topics:

* “Open Secrets”: by ??Malcolm Gladwell??
* the “iPhone”:
* the upcoming “IAM conference”:
* “Wal-Mart Puts Some Muscle Behind Power-Sipping Bulbs”: (if that doesn’t work you can “read it here”:

Enjoy, let us know what you think, and leave a comment if you want to be on the next one! Oh, and special thanks to “Vessel”: for use of their music.