Comments Are (Almost) Dead

Bold action from the thought-provoking Jeffrey Zeldman, Is This Thing On?

We’re not ready to say “comments are dead” (we’ll leave that for Wired Magazine’s next cover story) but we have noticed the smell, and we’re doing something about it.

Their new comments system, which lets you post replies on Twitter and have them appear inline in their blog post comments section is an elegant (and extremely Twitter-marketing-savvy) approach to solving this problem.

2 thoughts on “Comments Are (Almost) Dead

  1. I think the move is partly due to RSS. why fire up a web page if you already have a twitter client open and just read the post in a news reader. Which begs the question, why post that you a new blog post to twitter and facebook when RSS is a perfectly good technology ;-).

    The problem is, all these people will be posting comments on twitter. so if you haven’t read the story its a completely meaningless twitter post. Just add it to the mix i guess.

    As it is, i’m following less and less “real people” on twitter. Pretty much just using it to follow companies/’personalities’ at this point, because of all the noise/crap that jets posted out there … this will just make it worse. Which, i guess is OK. just more noise in the noise and less real information.


  2. Mike, I hear you. I also think it’s a matter of where do people focus their attention and where they can build an identity. Who wants to add insightful commentary to a website that might not be around in a few years when they can post it on Twitter and have it archived by the Library of Congress? 🙂

    I actually wouldn’t mind seeing friends contribute with comments in my Twitter feed. It would direct my attention to a potentially interesting post, and filter the responses purely by people I find interesting (comments on some websites can be noisy, too).


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