July 6 Schedule

Reluctantly up at 1:06am—DJ had wet the bed again (hmm). Changed her and her sheets and put her back down to bed 10 minutes later.

Used the interruption as an excuse to be lazy. Snoozed the iPhone and Blackberry alarms (5:15am and 6:30am, respectively) and stayed in bed until 7:30am, dreaming of our company’s stock price sinking below a dollar again and meeting a couple CNBC reporters.

Showered, dog walked, Blackberry checked. Kissed mama and baby goodbye (DJ is still asleep by now) and caught the crowded 8:20am Path out of Penn. Reminded myself why I don’t like taking the later trains.

QT: 15 minutes in prayer (asked forgiveness for feeling distracted, lifted up our church and its leaders and individual needs) and 10 minutes to finish 2nd Kings (the fall of Judah to Babylon). On the advice of a friend this weekend, I’ll spend the rest of this year in the epistles.

That quiet time is fairly typical (for a weekday—I’m less consistent on the weekends), though I often find it hard to limit prayer enough to make time for reading the Scriptures.

Schlep to 388 Greenwich from WTC. Now really kicking myself for not coming in early in shorts and changing at the office.

Checked in late to a 9:00am meet. Glanced at our family account balances and started another semi-weekly budget update email for Sarah (I’ll post a sample up here sometime — the OCD, it runs deep). Plowing through work inbox, 34 items to go before inbox 0.

Got the inbox down to three messages in an hour. Reviewed progress on a SharePoint project with an intern. Skipped lunch (an increasingly frequent habit) in favor of a second coffee.

Spent the next three hours following up on website enhancements, program milestone progress, checking my news reader and researching communication in organizations. Talked with my Managing Director about his trip to Asia and some tech toys he wants to buy.

Another quick call to the intern, and spent the last hour in the office reading a bit of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (just started, but meh so far) and checking church email. Replied to a longish email from the pastor with an even longer one, setting out a four-point strategy to deal with the perception that our church is, well, doomed.

The four points, in brief:

  1. Reinvest or continue to invest in our avenues for bringing new people to our church: local college ministers, families with children, the arts, and perhaps some more creative online venues (Facebook, Google)
  2. Provide greater context to the ten-year membership decline: the legacy of our church isn’t summed up in that single line, and our church (because of its turnover) has a bad collective memory—I think we should do this as part of a church-wide Church Health Team email
  3. Encourage communication: launch a monthly ministry leader testimony (two other church leaders have suggested the same idea) and launch soon; we also ought to encourage Eph 4-type communication (we are members of one another, and we should speak the truth in love to one another) from the congregation so members are encouraged to raise concerns with the pastor rather than let them fester (and give the devil a foothold)
  4. Advise patience: 2nd Kings ends with the fall of Judah to Babylon; church may appear at times to be made of straw and feel as though a stiff breeze would knock it over, but we are, in fact, laying concrete for a tower of hope in the Kingdom of God

Left the office a little late at 5:30pm, home by 6:30pm after reading Seth Godin’s (recommended) Fast Company article, In Praise of the Purple Cow, on the train. It got me thinking about what our distinctiveness is as a church. We are a church of misfits, it’s true, but is that the right idea?

Met the family and some neighbors in the courtyard of our building and was immediately put to work by my daughter fishing the wand out of a gallon-size bubble container. DJ was soaked after running around with the garden hose with the neighbors’ little boy. Gave her a bath while Sarah picked up burgers from around the corner.

Dinner was at 7:30pm, Sarah took DJ to bed at 8:00pm while I held the little guy. He subsequently went to bed at 8:15pm.

Spent the evening catching up on email and the news reader. Arranged for breakfast at Herald Sq at 6:45am on Fri, meeting with the Women’s group next week on Thu at 7am, and mid-week prayer this Thu at 7am.

Taking the car in for service tomorrow at 7:50am and working from there. Only, turns out I left my laptop at the office, so I’ll be mostly making phone calls and emailing. Whoops.

Finished this blog at 11:35pm.


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