July 5 Schedule

I woke up on Monday to DJ’s cries at 6:10am. When I got downstairs, she told me, “the bed is stinky and a little wet.” Uh-huh. Changed and brought her upstairs where we crashed on the couch until 9:30am. That took the edge off of being up a little early.

Started out the day with plans to hang out with my sister at a holiday festival (she backed out, not feeling well—festival fail). We thought we might go to the NJ state fair at the Meadowlands, but thought better of it after walking the dog in the 101°F heat.

Went through my task list (a Google Docs spreadsheet that will make for my fourth task list app of this year), email and news feeds while DJ and I and watched the Lion King in ten 9-minute parts on YouTube.

Watched the kids while Sarah went out to pick up iced coffees. Little guy napped while DJ watched the Incredibles. Scrambled around with laundry, vacuuming, and straightening up before Sarah got back home around 1:30pm.

After DJ’s second video, I asked her to do something that didn’t require Korean animators or Pixar server farms. She played with Buzz and the princesses on her play kitchen set while I marveled at the results of my work: I had spent three hours on Saturday reorganizing Dahlia’s toys and clearing off that play kitchen. She hadn’t played with it in a month, and now my work was paying off. For some reason, though, the princesses ended up trapped in the play microwave.

Took DJ out in the stroller a bit later to run some errands on Ferry Street for about an hour.

After coming home and cooling off (and being grateful we didn’t take our two small, pale children to the fair), we decided to head over to Ikea to pick up a couple of things and give Dahlia some play time in the ball pit. Got home around 7:00pm and had DJ in bed by 8:00pm. Sarah rocked the little guy down while I walked the dog.

Leftovers and a movie with Sarah and Jessi—Glenglarry Glen Ross in HD, $10 to own on iTunes. Went over the calendar with Sarah around 11pm, in bed by 11:15pm. Decided not to finish this blog until tomorrow. 🙂

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