July 4 Schedule

Up at 8am because DJ said so.

Promptly put her in front of a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats and Toy Story, both at her request (the former because she says “wheat squares with sugar” in the most adorable 3-year-old diction, and the latter because Sunday is a MommyDaddyDahlia Day entitling her to two whole videos).

Showered. Race against the clock to be at church by 10:35am for nursery setup. The clock was not trying very hard today.

No breakfast (because I think I’m Gen. McChrystal), prepped the tykes and over-diapered the diaper bag.

The five of us piled into the car at 10:05ish. Got to church on time.

Left DJ with her mom and brought some nursery stuff up. Kibitzed with friends. Looked for a fan for the nursery until about 11:05am with the intention of coming back to it during the Peace.

Worshipped. Forgot about the fan. Took DJ to the nursery (but first potty), and came back to service. Took notes on Vito’s excellent sermon on the iPad while my lovely wife held the boy.

Got Dahlia before communion. For some reason she likes to smush her hands into my face as we head back to our seats.

After service!

Agreed to come to the Women’s group (7am Thurs) to do Q&A and brainstorming. Stifled my mild intimidation at that group’s ninja awesomeness.

Signed on another member (“a solid maybe”) to my super-secret Manhattan project. Talked additional logistics with someone else.

Discussed the Sunday Service intranet site I built last week with the church admin. Told her I wanted to “help the Worship Leader help you,” which she dug. Need to send her an email reminder template this week.

A few more personal conversations before carrying down some equipment and some nursery stuff into storage.

Back in the car at 1pm. Stopped at Starbucks for iced coffee. Told DJ the story of Sleeping Beauty while we headed towards the Holland Tunnel:

Me: “…and the knight in shining armor—wait, what’s another word for vanquished?”
Sarah: “Killed?”
Me: “Slew! Slew the dragon!”

Stopped at home by 2pm to pick up the dog and drop off bagels. Talked with Sarah about Stuff That Matters along the way. Still madly in love with her.

Stopped to pick up flowers, arrived at Dad’s on time by 3pm (Walkers: 2, Clock: 0). Dinner, family time until 6pm.

Home by 7pm. Nighttime mode.

Diaper change. Checked blogs, email. “Read” two picture books to my daughter, prayed with her and wished her goodnight by 7:50pm. Sarah had JT down at 8:20pm. Bedtime fail. Changed another diaper and rocked the boy down again by 8:35pm.

Church blogging—you’re soaking in it!—and email until 11pm. Dithered with editing until 11:50pm.

Not setting an alarm for tomorrow, a holiday. DJ is almost always up by 8am.

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