Going a Different Direction

I just got my bill for Flickr.  $25 for the next year of use.  $50 for the next two.  Staring down the barrel of a holiday season in the biggest economic SNAFU since the 20’s, I’m wondering what $50 for the next two years gets me.

Do you know what features they came out with in the time since I last paid them $50?  Let’s review:

Some of that stuff is great (geotagging was fun but tiresome, video was pretty cool but uploader could be better).  Some of it was garbage (mobile THIS).  And a lot of it I just don’t use (looking at you, place pages and stats).  The least inspiring of these was the redesigned homepage which I don’t think works that much better than the original.

My biggest gripe, though?  I can’t customize how I want my photos displayed.  Meaning my most interesting photos seem to fall off the homepage, and my wife’s eBay product photos are right up front.  Lame.

Turns out, WordPress launched this thing called the Media Library which I just realized isn’t half bad.  They also let me password protect my posts so I can hide photos that I don’t want so public outside of friends and family. Their momentum is awesome, and there’s this plugin that’s not half bad, too.  And, besides, we’re already paying $100/year for our web hosting — why not make good use of it?

So, we’re going a different direction and posting our photos here.  Contents may shift as we move them out from Flickr.  Most of our stuff will be public, but I’ll be posting some family shots that we’ll want to keep more private.  Just email me if you’d like the password for the photos.