I love the way you…

Dear Dahlia,

I love the way you…

  • Ribbit like a frog every time we pass a Geico billboard
  • Give hugs and kisses
  • Shrug
  • Run across the apartment, yelling “Blueberry!” in Dahlia language whenever I open the freezer
  • Like trucks and trains
  • Read books to yourself
  • Dance
  • Adore your Da-Da
  • Are comfortable spending time alone with other people
  • Bring me pieces of “yucky” (lint, paper, etc.) that you find so we can throw them out together
  • Eat my chapstick
  • Roll around on the floor, squealing and screaming with one of your large stuffed animals
  • Carefully hand me any food that does not belong on your tray, since you are not planning on eating it!
  • Imitate us when we blow on your food to cool it
  • Put your books or stuffed animals “night-night” by gently stroking or patting them
  • Make that adorable sign for squirrel
  • Sleep through the night
  • Are so brave at the playground
  • Tell me when you have finished going potty in your diaper
  • Say “boom!” when you fall
  • Call any child under 15 yrs. old a “bebe”
  • Are eager to help me
  • Model for me a much needed, refreshingly innocent view of the world

I love all of these things, and more, but most of all, I just love YOU!

Your Mama


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