Got it!

Remember way back when I posted this? Well, believe it or not, after waiting roughly a year, and we finally get to move in this September! Some friends of ours nicknamed the place ‘The Kneels’ because of all the prayer that went into waiting for it. The owners never did find a job, but decided to move anyway, to be closer to family. Or maybe they just wanted to move to a place where walking outside doesn’t feel like pouring jalepano juice over your body. Unfortunately, we will probably not have as much need in September for the central A/C as we do now.

So, it is official! We have a new apt. here in Newark. It is nicer, bigger, and in a building full of tenants who are not as likely to fall down the stairs drunk in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. Even if they did, we would most likely not hear it. 

When we move in, pics will be on Flikr, and you locals will of course be invited to a house warming party. Heck, you may even be invited to help us move-lucky you!

2 thoughts on “Got it!

  1. You make sure to give us plenty of time to block the move-in date, ya hear! Cause, you know, I made you slave away the hottest day of the year last year for merely some pizza…

    Of course, I don’t expect Beck to be able to help much, unless it’s some light packing, cause she’ll be like 7 months big by then :). Yay!


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