Was Apple sending us subconscious signals about the upcoming “MacBook Air”: release?

Around Christmastime at, the site featured a cartoon of the well-known “Get A Mac”: ads on their homepage. I got a screenshot of the ad from Cabel Sasser. He “described it this way”:


Best Desktop Picture You Can’t Download: Mac & PC
Hooray to Laika (Portland represent!) for their awesome work on the Apple holiday commercial. But when super-talented character designer Shane Prigmore posted his illustration of “Mac & PC” to his blog, the long-time Apple-understander in me knew it might not last — and it didn’t. (The good news? Naturally, I saved it before it was pulled — and you can download it right here — for now.)


Here’s the image.


Note what PC guy is holding in his right hand — a manila interoffice envelope. You know, like the kind they’re using to advertise a certain lithe sub-notebook computer announced at yesterday’s MacWorld.


Coincidence? Or a clever hint from our glorious leader Steve?

One thought on “Coincidence?

  1. Coincidence? Apple sent out an update yesterday to iPhone owners with some new features. “Coincidentally”, my iPhone’s EDGE connection and SMS feature ceased working… hmmm.

    AT&T tells me it should be fixed by morning…


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