A Little Snot

Dahlia has had a cold (or an URI- for those of you who want to be technical) for the past 3 days. It feels like she just got over her fever, although that happened 3 weeks ago. She has had a minor cold before, but that was fairly low-key and passed quickly. This one is more aggressive. Dahlia has had trouble breathing through her nose because of the congestion, and she has a nice junky cough. (I guess you could also call it a productive cough).

Well, because of her congestion, I spent some quality time at 3AM this morning “hosing her nose” (lavaging, really. OK, sorry, I’m done being technical–can you tell I’ve treated too many sick puppy store puppies? But thats a whole ‘nother post…), as Dr. Sears likes to call it in his Baby Book. For those inquiring minds, this basically means squirting saline up her nose and then sucking out long strands of snot with a small turkey baster. Don’t forget the small detail that makes this process even more appealing: the screaming baby. Apparently, Dahlia doesn’t appreciate me suctioning the snot out of her nose. What can I say? At least at the end of the ordeal, she could breath enough to nurse back to sleep.

I have to say the snot is the best part of the cold. For now it is mostly clear and only slightly viscous, so it forms constant little rivers down her upper lip. Because of this, she is often licking at it or grabbing at it with her fingers and smearing it all over her face and hair. She manages to coat pretty much anything in the vicinity with snot. She accomplishes this directly, by pulling toys or various objects to her face to rub the snot on it, or by pulling herself up on legs, chairs and shelves to rub the snot on them. If this fails to coat the area satisfactorily enough, she simply employs the sneezing tactic. That pretty much covers it. She is also swallowing quite a bit, I’m sure, because this morning she puked after a good coughing fit. Poor little girl.

She is otherwise cheery and sociable, though, so for the moment I’m not concerned about taking her to the Doctor. I’m sure all of that will change the moment the weekend hits and the office closes.
Isn’t parenthood fun?