Dahlia is doing much better. Her fever is down significantly. I am also doing much better after a trip to the pediatrician soothed my mommy nerves. The doctor told me my instinct to not go to the ER was correct, and that we did all the right things for her. I’m just happy she is doing better. She was super cuddly today too, which is unusual for her. She is almost always so independent. She always wants to get down, do things and see things. Today all she wanted was to hang out in my lap and play with her toys, or just fall asleep on me. I was enjoying the cuddles. According to the doctor, she is most likely fighting a virus, possibly one called roseola. We won’t know for sure until she gets a rash. We might never know. After all of his comforting words, the pediatrician’s parting comment was, “Go enjoy the rest of your first fever!”

So much to look forward to!


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