And so we swing back to the 3 Column K2, rapidly-maturing K2, newly-discovered “Blue Zinfandel”:http://www.briangardner.com/themes/blue-zinfandel-wordpress-theme.htm theme. The timeline, which I’ve taken to calling the “attention stream”, may likely reappear in later iterations.

It’s a love/hate thing I have about blogging: design is hard, and harder still to justify when you have to actually _tell_ people that you spent your Sunday afternoon “designing the blog” — looking at the ground, tracing your foot through the dirt. Admitting to having a vested interest in the online world (like having a MySpace or Facebook profile) is still embarrassing for those of us over 25. Well, those of us who are over 25 and aren’t making a dime at this, anyway.

3 thoughts on “Undesign

  1. The funny thing is, this popped up in my rss reader while I am working on the site design for my Karate Dojo (on a Sunday afternoon) …

    It would be nice to get away from the computer for a bit, but I need to get this done :-P.


  2. I like this new layout. It’s easier for this wannageek to navigate. Does it make me sound kinda dumb to admit that the whole timeline thing, while pretty and very very cool, kind of left me scratching my head thinking, “But where is . . . how do you find . . . um . . . hmmmm.” ?


  3. Thanks, Kyleen. Yeah, I really liked this when I saw it. Needs a little tightening up, but very easy to navigate.

    The timeline…is a fun idea in concept, but might be a little overkill. I like the idea of a single place where everything I’m doing online is compiled, and the timeline is a clever take on navigating through data plotted in time. The implementation was pretty kludgey, though.

    Besides that, I’ve been thinking that the blog is really more about writing well than it is about aggregating an online activity list, so when I saw this New York Times-like layout, I fell in love. 🙂


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