I like to play at writing more than I like to actually do it. Same goes for coding, praying, and just about anything that requires hard work. I recently realized this and changed the homepage of my browser. (It used to point to my newsreader, where I download the world into bite-sized chunks and read about what other people are doing.)

It takes others less time, I think, to realize that there’s a very short window to accomplish anything in life, and a lot of mundane steps to get there. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure stuff like that out.

So I changed my homepage to my to-do list, instead.

3 thoughts on “Homepage

  1. I so get this. I’ve recently discovered similar things about myself. I’m about 60% through 3 different site re-designs, as well as a couple of longer posts. While I love blogging, I have no definite plans to finish any of these projects.

    Its both freeing and encumbering to realize that I’m an obstacle to my goals. Freeing because now I know there’s something tangible that I can do about it (get busy), and taxing because it requires hammering through the mundane steps.

    I’m not giving up.


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