Weekend Update: Jen's Recital, Lunch with TVC's Ãœbercüte Couple

Drove 1 hour and 20 minutes to the Mazda dealer to pick up a sideview mirror, which was broken and later glued back on to the car. Vehicle abuse is one of the charms of our town. I need to find a new parts dealer.

Went to an excellent Master’s Degree recital by “Jenny Jobb”:http://www.myspace.com/jennyjobb at Juliard. It rocked–and I was even more impressed because flute is not my favorite instrument. Jen’s music was ecclectic and fascinating. Thanks for the invite. 🙂

Church on Sunday began with Darin & Sam’s Marriage and Dating class. Sam taught on the “asymmetry” of roles in marriage relationships. Judy Fujimura helpfully pointed out that both men and women both have to make the decision to lay their lives down for each other, even if the actual implementation looks different.

Speaking of the d-word, we were highly honored to spend lunch with the most “übercüte couple”:http://www.alissaclark.com/?p=287 at the Village Church. We talked shop about Newark (which is _so_ “up-and-coming”:http://kennsarah.net/2005/10/15/newark-unveiled-as-a-force-in-the-art-world/), the m-word, visiting Europe, “new apartments”:http://www.alissaclark.com/?p=300, and “widgets”:http://kennsarah.net/2006/04/28/on-the-radar/. Then we consumed the best “cream puffs we’ve ever had”:http://www.google.com/url?sa=U&start=2&q=http://www.muginohousa.com/creampuffs.html&e=9797.

Finished the weekend watching “Sullivan’s Travels”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=ourstory-20%26link_code=xm2%26camp=2025%26creative=165953%26path=http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html%253fASIN=B00005JH9C%2526tag=ourstory-20%2526lcode=xm2%2526cID=2025%2526ccmID=165953%2526location=/o/ASIN/B00005JH9C%25253FSubscriptionId=0EMV44A9A5YT1RVDGZ82. Very good, though we’re not sure why we put it on the Netflix queue in the first place.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Jen's Recital, Lunch with TVC's Ãœbercüte Couple

  1. I think that I may share some blame for the movie-certainly one of the greats of all time, but a little dated. Seriously, though, don’t you just want to laugh sometimes?

    When we were in college, we used to call Sarah “Küt”, a play on her last name. So I think that the correct spelling may be “überKüt” and ü have to speak with her copyright lawyers in order to üse it. 🙂

    About marriage: I am heartened that the Christian community consistently gets the mutual sacrifice requirement right when speaking about marriage or relationships in general. It’s nice to think that James Dobson is about more than cynically exploiting homophobia and anti-abortion sentiment to land the worst president ever in the White House. He actually helps people to have better relationships and family lives.

    How many wars are worth Alito in the Supreme Court?


  2. Dude, Ken… you’re so cutting edge slick that reading your posts is like getting behind the mob car in Spy Hunter. I get spun around and crash in the grass of the new cool… and that new cool is called Ken Walker!

    How cool (or umKen Walker) would that be if kids were all like “I used to want to be cool… but now I want to be Ken Walker”.

    Watching master recitials, hanging out with cool people, getting car parts, going to cool sunday school classes, watching movies, talking about widgets (that is short for web midgets right? I’m scared of those cyber carneys)… it all sounds really cool. I mean.. reall KEN WALKER! 🙂

    We miss you guys!
    ———————- (plug) ——-
    Vote again today!



    (Tell all your friends too!)


  3. Russ,

    Good to know that there was a reason that Sullivan’s Travels ended up on our list, and that Netflix isn’t subversively filling our list with random movies.
    Ken and I had a discussion about the ü and I mentioned Sarah’s nickname. I also had a lesson on how to pronounce it by my friend at work who used to live in Germany. I think you are correct on the spelling, but I’m not sure exactly how the pronounciation would würk.
    I share your hesitancy to endorse Focus on the Family. I agree with most of their beliefs, but I humbly think they go about implementing them in the wrong way a lot of the time.


  4. Make an ” ooo” with your lips and an “eee” with your tongue. Voila, one of the few vowel sounds not native to the English language.


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