Brag Moment

Just in case I wasn’t aware that I have the best husband (and not because he never fails to prompt me when he does something especially clever), I was reminded of just how subversively romantic and impressive he is this past month.

So we decided a while ago that we are going to set aside time every month for a special date that we take turns planning for each other. The only catch is that the date has to be something that the other person has never done before. (Many thanks to Jeff and Barb Long who inspired this). So far, this date experience has been fun, interesting, and in general just a good night out together that wasn’t spent at an overpriced movie with overpriced popcorn. Some examples of dates that we have been on since we started this whole thing are:

* The Chocolate Show
* Dave and Buster’s
* Bodies: The Exhibition
* Spanish Tapas at Mompou

So you can see the precedent isn’t too high here, but last month, when it was Ken’s turn, all I knew was that we were headed to The City for something at least semi-formal. What I ended up getting was an incredibly romantic meal at The Mandarin Hotel on Columbus Circle in French-Japanese fusion restaurant Asiate while watching the moon rise over Central Park out the window, and then a fantastic performance by the New York Philharmonic and Garrison Keillor at Lincoln Center. Wow.

How am I supposed to follow that up this month??

4 thoughts on “Brag Moment

  1. I got an idea. Let him sit around the house chugging some starbucks in a guinnea-Tee while watching Tivo of Rescue Rangers. Then, when he least expects it, refill his cup with more starbucks. That would be so american of you to do!!! 🙂

    Ok, but for serious, that’s tough to top… um… Ever thought of a rock show as a date? 🙂 Man… I’m tapped out. I got nothin’. My imagination is broken…


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